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Reblog if you think it’s okay to share a bed with your best friend.





Several of my family members think it’s wrong. Myself and a couple friends think it’s totally okay. I want to know what the rest of you think.

Of course it’s ok. What is with people nowadays? What is all this paranoia? Not every single intimate action or touch has to be perverse or sexual, people.

I always share a bed with my friends at sleepovers

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I really don’t want to do this but I feel like I have no choice


I’ve been panicking about making this post for a while now and I’m so overwhelmed and terrified and I can’t think of anything else to do right now so I guess I’ll do it.

There’s a pretty good chance that I might end up homeless soon.

The long and short of it is that my husband and I have been having some pretty terrible marital issues for the past year or so and It’s been getting progressively worse. I’ve been doing my best to salvage what I can and be encouraging when he needs encouraging and staying out of his way when he wants to be left alone, but what it all comes down to is that I’ve spent the last few years being severely emotionally abused and hurt and now I’m being thrown out.

It’s gotten to the point where my husband has been threatening to throw me out. 

I don’t have anything of my own. I have a computer, a few electronics, some at supplies, my clothes, and the money in my paypal (which isn’t much) and I’m absolutely terrified. 

I can’t go back to living with my parents because (as some of you know) my mother is extremely mentally unstable and my father is emotionally and physically and verbally abusive. 

My friends have offered a temporary stay but I have an overwhelming feeling of guilt & that I am burdensome (even though they have reassured me that I’m not - this is just my own personal fear and confusion talking) and so I really do not want to push myself onto them.

I cannot afford a place of my own and I am not in a place where I can shack up with strangers who I don’t know or trust, and I’m feeling very horrible and scared and empty and confused and lonely and unloved right now. I even feel sick writing this because I feel as though I am at my lowest low and I do not deserve to even be making a post like this, but I am really at my wits end and ive been crying for a few hours now and I’ve thrown up twice due to stress and I’m just… really fucked up.

This is the second abusive relationship I’ve suffered through in my life and I’m feeling pretty broken and terrified and helpless and worthless.

I know that this is a huge thing to ask of the general public, but if I could get a little money together, I might be able to take care of myself for a while, and maybe, just maybe figure something out where I won’t have to give up everything I’ve worked so hard for and give up friendships I’ve made through these past years to go back to living with my incredibly abusive parents.

If you feel like you want to donate anything… even a penny, even like fifty cents, my paypal is:

If I can maybe scrounge together a little nest egg, I might be able to keep myself safe. I might be able to like… hopefully not self destruct. IDK how else to explain it. I’m just lost. I’m scared and lost and really, really really messed up.

I don’t know how much longer I have in this house, but… yknow. I’ll keep you updated.

Again I’m sorry for even posting this, I know it’s ridiculous and farfetched but I feel like it’s my last resort and I’m just… really scared.

Newest AT4W reaction

I forgot I used to these for plot episodes.Opp fixed now

Plot wise we:

We learned a few things:

We kinda learned where Fat Grandma came from (I didn’t really care but that is my own personal opinion you can ignore me)

Pollo has an adorable scarf.

90’s Kid sounded a bit different (To me but I could be wrong maybe because I’m so used to hearing It Smells Like Teen Spirit when he appears it was jarring not hearing it)

We found out NSD does for a living? It is a bit worrisome that he didn’t answer his communicator but maybe he couldn’t hear it over the music at the concerts like I can’t. I really hope he told Linkara what happened to Linksano or that would really suck that he is still passed out up on Cromicron -1 still. 

We found out what Harvey is doing which is very scary.

We also saw the Little Lizard who I call Lili for short moving about and listening in- hm I wonder.

We learned Nothing about Linksano>INSERT MUFFLED FANGIRL ANGER<

We learned that Mr. Monologue, Lord Vyce is back. oh joy. 

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