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I’m so, so sorry I have to post this.

My name is Rio, and I recently lost my job. After my dad passed away my anxiety and depression negatively impacted my work performance to the point where I was let go. Their reasoning for letting me go was that as I had broken a mirror (by accident at that), I had damaged company property, and after being suspended for 72 hours I was terminated.

I originally signed a promissory note to pay back the cost of the mirror ($75). Today I received a letter with a demand to pay an additional $300 for the cost of their ‘investigation’ (because according to them that’s how much it costs to review security footage of a mirror being knocked over). I called their lawyers along with corporate, and neither are willing to waive the fee.

I have no idea how to come up with the money for this. I barely have next month’s rent (which is over $400) in my bank account (and that’s not including utilities), and once that’s gone I won’t be able to live at my apartment. In turn, the rent will hike for my room mates and they’ll have to leave too.

The only place I have left to go is back to my grandmother’s house, and she’s verbally abusive. My mom and brother live there too, and they’re addicts on top of being abusive themselves. Unsurprisingly, none of them accept my identity.

If anyone could give so little as $5, or even just reblog this post, I would be appreciative beyond words.

For those that are able to help, my paypal is

Hey everyone, I don’t usually use this blog to boost posts, but Rio is the most hardworking person I’ve ever met in my life. They don’t deserve an ounce of negative karma whatsoever, and it breaks my freaking heart that their workplace treated them so unfairly during a period of incredible stress and grief. I’m no longer living with Rio, and my moving out of state definitely didn’t help the financial situation, so if anyone has it in their hearts to help or throw out some friendly vibes, that’d be appreciated more than you know.






she ate a sock string and it’s stuck in her intestines and she’s gonna die if I don’t get her surgery. I’m about 600 dollars short, I have a donate button if anyone can help. i can show vet bills to anyone who wants to see. she’s such a good baby please help or reblog if you can im really scared I’m gonna lose her

edit: this is the bill from yesterday when we got her the xrays (the radiographs per snap) and a few other things to hold her over until we can build up some money. im taking her in today at 2:40 and ill ask for a copy of the surgery bill if i can get one (they didnt give me one yesterday because i couldnt even pay for everything on the last bill) 

im also adding a picture we took of her on the vets table yesterday 

reblogging with added proof

*******UPDATE****** the vet we were taking her can not care for her anymore (because they close) and she needs to go into surgery immediately, we have her boarded at an emergency vet and the surgery is gonna be roughly 1500. we’ve raised 520 so far and they can start helping her because I have proof that I have money coming but we can’t take her home until we pay. I’m going to be at the emergency vet in about 4 hours and I will post proof of bills, everything’s going really fast because she’s getting worse and worse so please help if you can

we just got rejected for credit care which we were hoping to get, these donations are now the /only/ thing we have to pay her vet bill. please help

Oh nooo D:

Please let’s help this doggy. :( Everyone please signal boost.

56 year old MtF transgender needs a place, Arizona


I am a disabled vet with full pension, in a wheel chair and service dog.  Clean, open minded and quiet.  I have to move  by the first.  currently in Kingman, AZ.  When it was discovered I was transgender, it went really bad.  Please help a person and service dog (border collie named freckles, fully train, no barking, good with all pets, and like me, mellow and loving).









so anyway I just found out Jim Carrey is an anti-vaxer


Oh sweet jesus it’s true

Oh fuck me.


Fuck this noise!

He dated Jenny McCarthy. That’s why he is an antivaxer. She brain washed him.





Mentally Challenged Man Getting Beat Up By Teens In Newark Delaware #JusticeForCoran

The word is spreading around the world when this 20 yr Old Mentally Challenged Man name coran gets attacked by a group of Teenagers In Newark Delaware, the teens think this is cool but it’s pretty sick as they screamed out world star while recording the beaten, He Cries , He Tells Them To Stop But They Continue To Hurt This Man Knowing He Couldn’t Defend Himself .

Watch Video Here»>

Kill these little ignorant scumbags.

fucking disgusting

Yo this shit is not acceptable

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